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About Me

Lonely Kidney, also known as Alistar Huang, is a visual artist who explores the uncharted world through graphic design, illustration and painting. Her artwork presents a surrealistic imagination, drawing inspiration from personal experiences, emotions, and everyday occurrences. Lonely Kidney’s practice often challenges traditional norms and pushes the boundaries of what is considered beautiful. She combines discordant and imperfect elements, creating a harmonious chaos. By infusing a sense of humor into her artistic practice, it reflects her playful nature.



Instagram: lonelykidney


"Storverse", Group ExhibitionWURE Area, 2023

"Kitschy, kitschy, kitschy", Solo Exhibition, Yrellag Gallery, 2023

"HART Editions", Group Exhibition, HART Haus, 2023

"Hangeul Design Competition Exhibition", Group Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, 2021

"It's Nice That The Next Generation", Online Showcase, 2021

"HKBU AVA Graduation show"Group Exhibition, HKBU Academy of Visual Arts, 2021


"AVA Print Club Exhibition"Group Exhibition, HKBU Academy of Visual Arts, 2021

"United in Bookplates Exhibition", Group Exhibition, Providence University Art Center, Taiwan, 2020


"HKBU Century Club Citywide English Poetry Competition Exhibition", HKBU, 2020

"Peregrination in Bookplates"Group ExhibitionHKBU, 2019


Mindly Journal - "專訪 Lonely Kidney • 「黑色幽默的創作往往帶著難以言明的生活重量。」"

It's Nice That - "Lonely Kidney’s surreal posters merge vintage aesthetics with futuristic satire"

It's Nice That - "The Next Generation 2021 continued…"


”White Future” Comic Open Call by Slowork Publishing

Honorable Mention

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